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Lourdes, who now oversees Clandestina's manufacturing at the Bauta house, appears from the back room when del Rio and Fernandez arrive and greets her bosses warmly. The visit to Clandestina's workshop today involves picking up finished pieces, which will later be stamped in the back of view it now the store in Havana, and swapping them out for the latest haul of clothing from local secondhand stores. An employee named Cynthia has sorted the product into three huge bags, cataloging every piece. Del Rio and Fernandez will go over the items with Lourdes and then decide which will work as the foundation for garments and which will be ripped apart and used for trimming, pockets, or handles. Today there are ratty Pink Floyd tees, old hospital scrubs, Amherst College football jerseys, J.P. Morgan Chicago 5K race shirts, and a sweatshirt from someone's grandparents' 50th-anniversary party weekend in Costa Rica. "We usually look at the quality of กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH ขายส่ง the clothing but also the pattern of the fabrics," del Rio explains as she rifles through the product on a wooden block table. "Sometimes we see something and imagine exactly how it would look as a dress. Other times, not so much." Lourdes admits that in the beginning, it was hard for her to execute Vintrashe, which now makes up 70 percent of what Clandestina sells; the other 30 percent are T-shirts from that initial DR batch, notebooks, and satirical posters drawn by del Rio. View gallery .

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